Moyer Vineyard Winery & Restaurant   - What dining out was meant to be. Come...Relax...Enjoy !

Welcome To Moyer
Bonded Winery Est. 1972
Located in the heart of the Ohio River Valley
along scenic river by way U.S. 52 in rural Adams County

We always accept reservations!
Call 937-549-2957

We are closed the month of January and will reopen the weekend of Valentines day; February 9th!!
We hope to see everyone soon and hope you are enjoying the first month of a new year!!


                          Our Story                                  
In 1972 Ken Moyer decided to change professions and become a full time wine maker. Ken, Mary and their youngest daughter Patricia visited many states looking for just place to start a winery. They found it on the Ohio River near the village of Manchester, and purchased the land that today produces the grapes for Moyer wines. The rustic building on the property has an interesting history. Built in 1926 is first served as a Restaurant and dance hall named " The River By " featuring nickelodeon music, square dancing, and bootleg beer during prohibition.  Around 1935 amateur boxers, including Ezzard Charles fought in the barn like structure beside the restaurant. The flood of the Ohio River in 1937 put 6 feet of muddy in the present dining room. In the late 40's it became a private gambling club called " The Top Hat " and in the 50's and 60's it was used as a truck stop.  Ken and Mary opened Moyer's in 1973. The initial menu included wine tasting, French bread, bean soup, and cheese. Over the next 26 years Mary and Ken expanded the menu and the wine list. With the addition of the deck, diners can enjoy the river traffic of barges, pleasure boats, and the occasional paddle wheeler passing by.  In 1999 Ken and Mary sold Moyer Vineyards to a group of friends dedicated to maintaining the quality, tradition, and reputation Moyer's has enjoyed for many years.  While dining at Moyer's one can see the vineyards to the north and south of the restaurant. The plantings include the Vidal Blanc grapes pressed for Moyer's white wines, and the DeChaunac and Chambourcin grapes blended for Moyer red wines. Moyer wines are produced and bottled  in the modern winery below the restaurant. Harvested grapes are pressed on the day of picking to insure freshness.  The wine making process includes grape destemming and crushing by modern Italian equipment, pressing in French presses, and fermentation in stainless steal tanks for two to six weeks prior to aging.                                                

We hope you enjoy the wine, the food and the beautiful view of the Ohio River Valley 

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